Committee and Officer duties

Building representative : is the person in each of your buildings that distribute and post communications,act as a consultant to amy member in their building and seek needed assistance from association,help with membership recruit and inform sunshine chairman of needs in their building .CACE is entitled to a bulletin board in each of the schools to post important information.

Scholarship committee : shall review qualifications of applicants and make recommendations for selections.Requires 1-2 meetings for selection and decisions.Also could update requirements,etc.and guidelines for CACE scholarship award.

Grievance committee : is made up of one person from each classification(elected). Maintenance of and membership advocacy in grievance procedure. CACE VP is Grievance Chairperson by virtue of his/her office.

Negotiations committee: is made up of one person from each classification (elected). They will assess membership concerns prior to bargaining,develop initial proposals and provide advice and input. A vote would be necessary to become part of the bargaining team that goes to the table during negotiations.

Executive committee representative : from each classification shall be elected by the classification. They will report recommended policies and other actions to the members in their class. Transmit proposals and recommendations from members in their classification. The committee should have one member from each of the following calssifications…. Bus assistants,maintenance,recess monitors,mechanics,cafeteria staff,custodial staff,educational asst.,transportation.

Bylaws/Constitution committee : Shall be the watchmen of the enforcement of the bylaws and constitution of the association. Shall work on proposed amendments to bylaws and constitution by membership.

Social : shall plan and organize all social functions of the association.

Audit : Check accuracy of accounting procedures

Elections nominations : Shall be composed of the building representatives and another representative from each building,if possible. The manual for the conduct of local association elections shall be followed.

Support staff Council : In the spirit f maintaining open lines of communication.The meeting is to discuss concerns or issues regarding provisions within the contract.. No more than 5 meeting per year except by mutual agreement of both parties.The OEA Labor relations consultant is a member of this council.

The above are 1 year terms starting September 1 thru August 31

President : Preside over all association meetings and prepare their agendas. Represent the association on all matters of association policy. Serve as advisor to the grievance committee and as the ex-officio(ie. can speak and vote) member of all committees. Serve as delegate to the OEA representative assembly by virtue of her/his office.

Vice president : Preside over association meetings in the absence of the president. Perform such duties as delegated by the president. Shall serve as the grievance chairperson.

Secretary : Keep accurate minutes of all official meetings,including keeping an electronic copy of the association constitution and bylaws. Perform other such duties as delegated by the president.

Treasurer : Hold the funds of the association and disperse them upon authorization of the membership. Maintain records of receipts and dispursements.Maintain membership roles. Prepare financial reports for meetings and an annual financial statement to be on file for review by membership. Prepare all tax forms required by state and federal government or work with those who assist the association in these matters.Prepare an independent audit.Shall be bonded.Perform such other duties as delegated by the president.

The above have a 2 year term.President and secretary elected in even years,VP and treasurer in odd years.Officers are elected in April and installed in the May meeting